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For any business seeking to secure their own email, enabling full access, control and privacy without exposure to ad-based email-scanning.

Email services offers email services ranging from unbiased expert advice and practical assistance to a service package that includes secure email hosting, domain and mailbox management, webmail client and full backup and recovery. We deploy best-of-breed open-source systems to supply you with a full end-to-end business email service.

Service description

  • Postfix mail transfer agent
  • Dovecot secure IMAP server
  • Proxmox mail gateway protects from spam, viruses, trojans, and phishing emails
  • Configured to your own requirements
  • Webmail and mailbox administration
  • Support portal for administration user
  • Maintained and always updated
  • 10 mailboxes, 20 GB SSD storage
  • add-ons for additional mailboxes and storage

We include the following as standard across all our services:

  • Secure hosting on our cloud infrastructure platform
  • Your email data isolated within it’s own dedicated server container
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Full backup and recovery
  • Reliable SMTP email delivery
  • Let’s Encrypt TLS secure certificates always updated
  • Regular application updates to latest version
  • User support portal for administration user
  • Individual client status page
  • Infrastructure powered by 100% renewable energy


  • Our pricing is by monthly subscription.
  • We charge for email hosting plus maintenance and system support.
  • Add-ons can be purchased as additional subscription items and multiplied as needed.
Email hosting

Postfix email hosting, maintenance and support

23,50 exc. VAT / month
Add-on: 20 mailboxes

20 additional mailboxes, 20 GB storage

11,75 exc. VAT / month
Add-on: 100 GB storage

100 GB additional file storage per service

23,50 exc. VAT / month
Add-on: Service Tasks

5 tasks per annum, across all subscribed services

11,75 exc. VAT / month
Add-on: User Support

10 users team access, for all subscribed services

11,75 exc. VAT / month


Billing & Subscriptions

Billing & Subscriptions

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Under our money back guarantee, we’ll refund you if you aren’t happy with our service.

There is no minimum subscription period. Payments are made for the period of subscription and can be cancelled at any time leading up to the renewal date. We do not refund for early cancellation.

We accept all major credit and debit cards and also payment by direct debit. We use Stripe as a payment processor and never have sight of your card or account data.

Yes. We have a 30 day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are unhappy we will refund you back the amount you have paid.

Yes, on payout received from Stripe, we issue a VAT invoice. This can be up to one working week from order placed, two weeks following initial direct debit set-up.

Yes, direct debit is a payment method we support, via the Stripe payment gateway.

We can do this if the domain of your website is changing. However, you cannot move the subscription between websites. You would need to subscribe a different website.

No notice needed. Just cancel the renewal before it is due in your My Account area in

Yes, unless you cancel them. You can manage subscriptions through your account.

Infrastructure & Hosting

Infrastructure & Hosting

Yes we do. We offer a simple-to-use, user-friendly, modern and fast webmail application should you need to access your email on the go.

Our servers and data disks are routinely backed up on a daily rotating basis. As a fail-safe measure all application data, including configuration files and databases are incrementally backed up to our cloud storage account. We regularly test physical recovery of all backup data for your peace of mind.

We store your data on fast access SSD drives attached to our Katapult high performance cloud servers.

Your applications run in a secure container on one of our Katapult high performance SSD Linux cloud servers. These servers run the latest versions of Ubuntu and are regularly updated and continually monitored for availability, security and performance.

No, we offer a very high level of management and maintenance to every customer. This is built into our server setup and monitoring. This is not standard hosting.

We protect your data with TLS (SSL) certificates. We use Let’s Encrypt, a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 225 million websites. Unlike many other hosting companies we do not make an additional charge for this service.

We monitor every website and/or web application to check that each is running 24/7 and serving up pages correctly. Our monitoring toolkit includes the Uptime Kuma web service, a best-in-class monitoring service. We respond proactively to any problems identified, typically in advance of a client being aware of any issue.

Domain names

Domain names

A domain name is registered for a fixed period from 1 to 10 years. Domain names have to be renewed at regular intervals. Services such as email and web hosting are associated with domain names, and their continued functioning depends on the timely renewal of the domain name.

Here are some of the stages that make up the life cycle of a domain name:

Registration Period: 1 to 10 years.The domain must be renewed before its expiration date in order to keep all related services (e-mail, hosting, etc.) active.

Grace Period: once the expiration date is reached, the holder can still renew his domain at the same price for 45 days. Services (e-mail, hosting, etc.) are no longer available.

Redemption Period: the holder has another 30 days to keep his domain name. This is no longer a renewal but a restoration, which is a more expensive process. Services (e-mail, hosting, etc.) are still unavailable.

If the holder does not renew the domain, it will be permanently deleted. No further action can be taken for 5 days, the domain is then released and be registered by anyone.

Before registering a domain name, you have to check for its availability to make sure the domain name that you want can be registered.

Your Registrar is the entity that manages your domain names on a daily basis with the Registries. You can transfer your domain names from one Registrar to another at any time.

In most cases, when a transfer fee is applied, the transferred domain name is renewed for an additional year.

Transfers have to be requested by the domain holder or a representative of the holder. Otherwise, the transfer process cannot be initiated.