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IT services for SMEs

Maxicandi Ltd provides highly relevant and cost-effective online systems with genuine business support.

WordPress Services

digital solutions to help grow your business

WordPress runs over a quarter of the world’s websites for a good reason. WordPress is the #1 platform for small businesses to market and sell their products and services. With simple tools for creating beautiful visual design and written copy, it also includes a rich set of powerful features allowing you to reach out to potential clients and sell to your customers. offers website services ranging from unbiased expert advice and practical assistance to service packages that include visual site design, secure site hosting and building in the functions required to market and sell effectively in the digital world, including that of phone and tablet.

Email Hosting

dedicated mail services and support for your team offers email services ranging from unbiased expert advice and practical assistance to a service package that includes secure email hosting, domain and mailbox management, webmail client and full backup and recovery. We deploy best-of-breed open-source systems to supply you with a full end-to-end business email service.

Document Services

store, sync and share files, photos and documents offers a range of services including unbiased expert and practical assistance to a service package that includes secure document hosting, full backup and recovery. We deploy the #1 Nextcloud open-source platform to supply you with a full end-to-end business document service.

All Services

see all services available offers a range of services to meet your business needs.

Maxicandi Ltd

An IT services business that works for other small and medium enterprises, not-for-profits and community groups, by hosting their own secure, robust, cost-effective and functional online systems, allied with a high degree of business-level support.

Large enterprises maintain internal IT teams to help them achieve their systems goals. Smaller businesses and organizations with little or no in-house IT skills typically end up picking from a mix of free or paid-for services and applications – but rarely have either the experience or the expertise to identify good choices or to use such systems to their best capabilities. Online support rarely engages at the level of the business’s real concerns.

Maxicandi Ltd has created, a subscription service supplying best-in-class systems – from websites and ecommerce, to email hosting, document collaboration and mailing list managers amongst others. We install and deploy these systems for your own use only, they are not shared with others. We take great care over security, privacy and data ownership. We do not share your data. The same systems that we make available to you we also employ for our own purposes. To quote in tech-speak: “we eat our own dog food”.

Founded in 2017, the director of the company Andrew Herne, has over 25 years experience in the IT industry and in particular in the use and integration of open-source business systems. Familiar with the needs and objectives of both small and medium sized enterprises and the not-for-profit sector from his previous employment history, Andrew is well-placed to deliver professional IT solutions that work for you.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you and your enterprise thrive.