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Domain Registration$0.00 exc. VAT / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee
Domain Renewal$0.00 exc. VAT / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee
Domain Transfer$0.00 exc. VAT / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee
Domain Redirect

HTTP-based domain redirection service

$0.00 exc. VAT / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee


Domain names

Domain names

A domain name is registered for a fixed period from 1 to 10 years. Domain names have to be renewed at regular intervals. Services such as email and web hosting are associated with domain names, and their continued functioning depends on the timely renewal of the domain name.

Here are some of the stages that make up the life cycle of a domain name:

Registration Period: 1 to 10 years.The domain must be renewed before its expiration date in order to keep all related services (e-mail, hosting, etc.) active.

Grace Period: once the expiration date is reached, the holder can still renew his domain at the same price for 45 days. Services (e-mail, hosting, etc.) are no longer available.

Redemption Period: the holder has another 30 days to keep his domain name. This is no longer a renewal but a restoration, which is a more expensive process. Services (e-mail, hosting, etc.) are still unavailable.

If the holder does not renew the domain, it will be permanently deleted. No further action can be taken for 5 days, the domain is then released and be registered by anyone.

Before registering a domain name, you have to check for its availability to make sure the domain name that you want can be registered.

Your Registrar is the entity that manages your domain names on a daily basis with the Registries. You can transfer your domain names from one Registrar to another at any time.

In most cases, when a transfer fee is applied, the transferred domain name is renewed for an additional year.

Transfers have to be requested by the domain holder or a representative of the holder. Otherwise, the transfer process cannot be initiated.